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Sintex Sales, USA is established to provide contract-manufacturer opportunities to the Northern America hospitality market. In collaboration with our associated weaving mills, we offer unlimited variety selection of fabrics in percale, twill, sateen, and jacquard which we can finish them and cut-and-sew into custom-made and branded products at our Wuxi Sintex Printing & Dyeing Finishing plant in China. Working with reputable distributors, we have been providing quality bed and table linens to many well-known hotels and restaurants throughout North America. Our Wuxi Sintex facility in China Jiangsu Province is one of a few printing and dyeing facilities, which is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from Europe (Funke Jigger, Monfongs sizing, and 16-color Stork printing equipment) and able to accommodate wide fabric of 3.2 meters. The facility is now equipped with five digital printers.

Additionally, our facility has the ability to simultaneously run five separate production lines and our daily finishing production reaches 150,000 meters of fabric a day; and our cut-and-sew production can fill a 40’ container of bed linen products in less than a week.

Sintex Sales, USA and Wuxi Sintex are family owned businesses. Our history and experience in fabric was dated back in the late 50's when our founder JT Wang, who co‑founded Hong Kong Dyeing Factory, one of the earliest and largest finishing plant of its time in Hong Kong; later in the 60’s the plant was moved to Singapore and Indonesia, where it became part of the Lucky conglomerate which also owned a yarn spinning mill, weaving mill, & finishing mill. In the mid-90’s, the Wang family has relocated the family enterprise in its ancestral homeland in Wuxi as a Singapore privately owned finishing mill.